Interview 5 – Mohammed Nawzad
About Mohammed

The idea behind these interviews was to get closer and closer
 to interesting people, who have lived under the thread 
or influence of the Islamic State (IS). 

Hama, my driver and translator, had the idea to meet his 
old friend Mohammed, who is an app-designer and 
software-engineer living in Erbil and Makhmur.

All I knew was, that he was ‘very close’ to the IS.

Mohammed showed us around in the 
Technical Institute of Erbil, where he used to be a student
 and is teaching students now.
 As best student of his year, he received this job opportunity.

 The Head of Department, Teacher Ali and the Dean of the Institute were more than happy to welcome us.
 It was a surprise to see, that about
 80% of the IT-students were female.


Links and additional Info:
The Head of Department, Teacher Ali is talking about the deep economic crisis in Iraqy Kurdistan and Kurdish teachers, whose salaries have been plagued by delays.

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